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The DJ Dime

Life long Law of Attraction, meditation and affirmation fan, I was put to the test 10 years ago when I lost everything.  I was stuck in the middle of a nasty divorce. Things turned abusive and I fled with my 3 children. I was jobless, we were homeless, but I held faith, spoke my affirmations, did my mirror work, managed my playlist and kept pushing forward. It wasn't easy but it was necessary.  

I have been coaching all my life in one way or another. Because of my story I have been blessed to speak for different agencies about trusting the process. Since that time, my family has been tremendously blessed. I have worked as a Family Advocate where I would help families figure out what is really important to them, plot out their goals and help them orchestrate plans to achieve them. I have been a community advocate almost all my life.  

I recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Masters degree in Social Work and I am now ready to share my story and my work.


Licensed Clinical Therapist

Trusted LIFE CoACH

You made it here. You made it to my page. Most people get here because they are stuck. They don't know why, they don't understand, they are just stuck. What I do? Through conversation, through coaching and through unpacking, I can help you find your direction. I can help you realign your game plan. I can help you break down that huge goal into workable pieces that will push you forward. Most of us have had parents that we loved with all our hearts and we watched them navigate (or struggle with) life issues. Their voices and their messages (good or bad) often becomes the voice we hear in our head. Some of the practices, messages or ideologies handed down to us are no longer applicable in today's world. Let me help you unpack and find what works for you. The power is in your hands... Let's get clear.


Created to help reach people their fullest potential by utilizing tools right in front of them. My goal is to empower YOU to be your full authentic self. Following my steps will help you uncover your buried dreams and unleash your potential.

Heal & Move Forward

Through dialogue and conversation, we can find and end hidden self-sabotage and the mental traps that keeps us stuck. Rather single or married my goal is to help you analyze the weight of our expectations in relationships.  My goal is to help couples through problematic behaviors, hard decisions and/or help you unpack issues within your individual selves that might be impacting your relationship.  Sometimes it takes an out side eye to see what is really going on.  

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