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Stop all that crying...

Everything is working towards my best interest.

This is an affirmation that I live by.

I have too

I cannot allow my current situation (good or bad) to be all that I see.

I cannot focus on things that I cannot fix

I can only sit and wait on solutions and in the meantime I can affirm that

Everything is working towards my benefit even if sometimes it does not “seem” that way.

Sitting in turmoil over something that we can’t change or fix only brings us more things to be in turmoil over.

Like attracts like

Sometimes I feel like the Creator sits back and has a good laugh at my expense most of the time. He will dangle situations in front of me that seem hopeless and




That the more upset I get the more the solution eludes me

I have mentioned in another blog about the power of just sitting down, shutting up and listening

This is where the power is – when a problems presents and I can’t seem to find my way around it

I get still and wait for the solution to present itself…

And to this day – it has not failed…

How did I get here…

Well its sad and silly - It is actually tragic how I learn lessons

Like really

Most of the time – I could be in the middle of wallowing in whatever and then someone says something so profoundly…….




And I am immediately there.

My shift from “Woe is me” to “the Solution will come” is the stupidest story ever.

I was in the military. My fiance was stationed in Cuba and I was stuck in South Carolina pregnant in the Summer time. I had worked in Navy Legal at the time and there was a misunderstanding that have blown itself way out of proportion. Some information had been leaked and there was suspicion on me. I was in trouble.

The friends that I had made in the short time I was there, distanced themselves away. In an effort to clear my name, I ended up making a few enemies. Someone stole my military id (which back in the day had your date of birth and your social on it) and made purchases in my name. This person would pretend to be me open up a line of credit, make purchases and then go ghost. I was 7 months pregnant going all over Charleston trying to prove that this person wasn’t me.

Life really sucked at this moment for me.

I was miserable.

I was lonely.

I was scared.

I was hopeless.

I cried all the time.

I was stuck.

And then the moment happened… I was assigned a closed file room where I was to shred old legal cases. I was in there crying as usual because why not… A coworker came into the file room to grab a file. He moved quickly and retrieved the file. It was common at this point for people to ignore me, so his silence didn’t matter to me. He stopped at the door, sighed, looked at me, and said “Is all of that crying helping your situation?”

I just sat there stunned.

Um no, it wasn't

As a matter of fact I wasn’t eating and barely sleeping… It wasn’t helping me at all.

I was dumbfounded by my new revelation. It was instantaneously bright and brilliant. It was almost as if someone found me in a dark room and turned on the light.

I stopped dwelling on it and so I stopped crying about it.

I prayed about it and adjusted my focus to things that I could fix.

I could do something about the theft

I could do something about my credit

And what I could not fix – well let’s just see what happens

I sat and waited and the situation amended itself.

Things worked themselves out.

I wasn’t totally unscathed but I was alive.

I wish I could remember the name of that guy that took a moment to say something to me. In hind sight, I imagine that he was just tired of seeing me cry.

Big, pregnant and crying

I am sure I was a sight

But it was what I needed at the time to shift

Once you shift you allow space for new information to come to you

you allow new opportunities to present themselves

when you shift you allow

the Creator to answer your prayer

the universe to respond to your vibration

the world to revolve

And most often I have found that I get catapulted into a better position than I was before

But I had to let go

and let God

Cliche doesn't mean its wrong...

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