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What the Equinox?

So what really is the equinox?

The definition of the equinox is one day where there is equal amounts of day time and night time. It is happens twice a year - once for Spring and again for Fall. It also marks the ending of summer and pronounces the beginning of fall.


Over the years I have used the equinox and the solstice to mark new quarters in my life. This being the final quarter of the year. I take my major goals and break them down into smaller goals. I then move forward and set minor goals each quarter. On that beginning day (the solstice or the equinox), I reflect on what I was able to accomplish during this time, I reflect on what needs to happen next in my life and what is going to get me closer to my next goal.

It is a time to reflect over the last year and review what you have done in the last 3 quarters. There are specific questions that I marinate over...

What goals did you meet?

What goals did you fail?

What could you have done differently?

What can you do next?

And specifically because we are gearing up for colder weather and end of a year - what things do I need to let go of...

The fall brings about a slowing down of systems - whether it be photosynthesis and the leaves of trees are now turning colors or it be about people who normally are out doing whatever in the sun are now shifting into a more indoor life. While this does not apply to everyone, it is the inherent nature of what the oncoming winter suggests. Many of us work hard like the squirrels and other insects to make sure that our stock pile will last us through the winter and into the next shift in December.

So why is this important?

The date and time are not as important as what it is that this segment of time represents. Review.


either restructuring of present goals or affirmation of new goals.

Most of us have goals that we want to accomplish whether it be to lose weight, to go back to school, to get that promotion or whatever it may be.

It is the breaking these goals into bite-able step - visual - measurable steps... Verses a large daunting goal that is general.

I follow the SMART Goal method of setting goals.

Set Clear goals - it is not enough to say I want to lose weight - be specific on your goal.

"I want to lose 25 pounds"

Create a measurable plan - I will work out x amount of days a week and my diet will consist of abc.

Please make sure that the goal is achievable and realistic.

Listen... The idea that you will lose 85 lbs in a month - is not realistic. As a matter of fact, it can set you up for disappointment if you don't make a dent in this goal. We won't even go into the health problems that this type of goal could represent.

Lastly, make sure you grant yourself a measurable amount of time to give you space to work your program and see - yes, I got results, I should continue or no, I did not get the results that I wanted and so I need to shift my plan of attack.

Also, make sure that you have set yourself enough time to have worked on this goal

and grant yourself grace. There will be days that you mess up. There will be days that you don't hit the mark.

Grace allows you to hit that restart button and move forward.

No one has ever gotten any goal faster by beating up on themselves. Negative self talk can only create more problems and drama... So Reset and keep moving...

When your time period you set has passed - reflect...

Reflections should be loving, gracious but truthful.

We all know when we have not been dedicated to the mission.

We also all know when we need to let go of things, ideas, concepts, people who no longer support the core of who we are.

So I would hope that you will take a moment to reflect "Gently" about who you are, what your goals are, what you have done over the last couple of months, what has worked, what isn't working and and who and what you need to let go.

Lets set some new goals. Let's shift. Let's get real about what we really want.

If you want help - let me know...

I can help you shift.

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